LAGAIA Varazze bears in its name the joy for the birth of a new life, a passion that unites four generations of pasta makers and the pride in our cultural identity.

This is why LAGAIA Varazze is a high quality pasta made from selected raw materials
using ancient production techniques.

A line of dried artisan pasta combining the Ligurian tradition (Mandilli de Väze, Corzetti,
Trofie, among others) with the innovation of a product such as Fettuccine with cocoa.
The qualitative value of our range of products is certified by the “Gustosi per natura” mark, which enhances the the Beigua Park area businesses committed to keeping the agrifood traditions alive and, at the same time, carrying out environmental protection activities. LAGAIA Varazze pastas do not contain any preservatives, food colouring or additives such as thickeners or flavour enhancers. Only raw materials which are processed with respect, “unique and unmistakable mastery for creative flair”(*) in a world of pasta.

On the packaging of pasta and pesto LAGAIA Varazze, you will find the mark “Gustosi per Natura”.
The mark, issued by the Beigua Park Authority, (in turn recognized by UNESCO Global Geopark) aims at enhancing the value of the businesses that through their work preserve the agro-food traditions of a wild, magnificent, rugged but, in its own way, generous land.

You can find our whole world in the LAGAIA products: affections, identity, memories and projects!

(*) Reason for awarding the “ Artigiani in Liguria” mark to the Pastificio Artigianale Fiorini di Varazze for their fresh products.